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We are the next generation of e-marketplace solutions that will completely disrupt today’s worlds infinite online businesses in Travel & Leisure

What we do

We are disrupting the travel and leisure industry with an innovative widget solution enabling travelers to create travel plans and convert them into bookings. We make travel inspiration bookable on any digital surface.

Content commerce

Any publisher or editor now can tap in to massive cash flow streams and generate revenue from new sources but with the same visitors.

E-commerce solution

Our embedded e-commerce solution converts unused organic traffic and content into cash flow.

User driven

Travel -& shopping planner that combines transport accommodation, activities and merchandise.

Our embedded e-commerce solutions converts unused organic traffic and content into cash flow.

Today most travel & leisure sites are non-bookable and millions of potential bookings are lost. Through unique tech solutions D1 Technology has found the digital formula to convert non bookable digital surfaces and content commerce with our embedded e-commerce applications desti.one and getgest.com. This provides great benefit for travellers and all stakeholders. With our solutions, travel plans can be created and booked directly with each product owner, cutting unnecessary middle man costs, this includes the three main ingredients in travel – accommodation, activities and transport.

We differentiate ourselves according to these factors


Easy to deploy on any digital surface


Opens up new huge sales channels for product owners


Converts previously unused web traffic and content into revenue

Under the hood


Customers creates travel plans in D1 desti.one embedded application that they can convert into bookings or save to confirm with the family or friends before they go ahead and book.


Direct integrations with booking systems and channel management systems, as middleware, to obtain realtime availability and pricing. Making booking seamless and at a single point of contact with each product owner through the D1 application getgest.com


Users creates account in our travel plan application, Desti.one, with a few clicks by using either a facebook or google account, for saving travel plans and itinerary. There will also be a possibility to add family members by connecting accounts. Preferred credit cards can be stored and personal preferences.


The product owner receives a login to the admin dashboard in the application GetGest for onboarding and manage their content in the D1 platform.


Extensive business analysis based on the massive information database that will help the customers and partners with facts for decisions on marketing.

D1 turns any digital surface in the travel and leisure industry into a point of sales!

Changing from solution to solutions as D1 has developed desti.one and getgest where travelplans are created in desti.one and converted in to bookings by getgest.
Desti.One is sophisticated in – ad widget travel planner where users can combine accommodation- activities, transports and other services according to their preferences with a digital concierge support.

GetGest brings the customer closer by converting travel plans and inspirational content on any digital surface into bookings and enabling direct payments to service providers.

About us

D1 Technology develops an innovative embedded e- commerce solution and applications for travel leisure with integrations of various booking- and channel management systems. In an unique way and with software as a service solution D1 is both developing and combining applications to monetize exciting unutilized organic traffic and content commerce into cash flow. Customers are found in various industries such as the travel and lifestyle industry.

Great benefits for

Destinations & Local tourism industry

– Utilizing existing organic traffic on their website to obtain revenue
– Supports the local tourism industry by creating new business opportunities
– Be bookable on any international travel media with 100s of million of readers
– Become a more relevant webpage for readers and travelers to visit
– No administration of bookings and payments

Converting visitors into customers

From Our Clients

“When we were first were presented Desti.One we thought it was to good to be true as it was something we been dreaming about and didn’t think was possible. An all in one travel planner and booking solution with no need from us to administrate and handle bookings and payouts, but still converting web page, articles and social media to direct bookings. Now we know it’s true and at last we now can provide more business to our local tourism industry by utilizing our organic traffic and media communication.”

Jessica Nildén

Tourist center manager & Communications coordinator, Destination Kiruna Lapland

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