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The D1 team

The team has extensive experience from the travel industry, including both large listed and small scale travel companies, tourism organisations and a history within initiatives that makes quantifiable contributions in destination business growth and development.

This together with co-founder and venture builder EPTI’s expertise and major success in crafting the companies for the future with sophisticated tech solution for multiple industries guarantees solid quality.

Our Mission

D1 Technology will disrupt the travel and leisure industry by turning any digital surface into a point of sale. Our innovative embedded e-commerce solution will monetize the huge amount of unused organic traffic and content on international tourist web and travel media sites into direct revenue for all stakeholders.

Our Vision

D1 Technology aim to build the world’s most sophisticated embedded e-commerce solution for the travel and leisure industry. Our innovative solution will be a true game changer and will make the booking of travel experiences possible on any digital surface where readers explore content at their point of interest. By doing so the multibillion travel industry will be drastically altered and changed by the opportunities of huge new sales channels for the industry’s growth.