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Business is closer than you think!

About us

D1 Technology develops an innovative embedded e- commerce solution and applications for travel leisure with integrations of various booking- and channel management systems. In an unique way and with software as a service solution D1 is both developing and combining applications to monetize exciting unutilized organic traffic and content commerce into cash flow. Customers are found in various industries such as the travel and lifestyle industry

Tech Travel

Today most travel & leisure sites are non-bookable and millions of potential bookings are lost. Through unique tech solutions D1 Technology has found the digital formula to convert non bookable digital surfaces and content commerce with our embedded e-commerce applications and This provides great benefit for travellers and all stakeholders. With our solution, travel plans can be created and booked directly with each product owner, cutting unnecessary middle man costs, this includes the three main ingredients in travel – accommodation, activities and transport.

D1 turns any digital surface in the travel and leisure industry into a point of sales!

D1 Technology is a true gamechanger in todays and future developments.
We bring the customer closer through scalable and user friendly solutions to provide great benefit for all stakeholders regardless segment